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The Flip Headboard Collection

Remember how much you loved changing your room around as a kid? Our Flip Headboard lets you rekindle that sense of play. A reversible headboard featuring a different colour on each side. It could be a light and a dark side, a summer or a winter look or just two completely different schemes for those middle of the night "I just need to change the room around NOW" moments.  

We've selected one of our favourite upholstery fabrics as the default option for Flip. Pueblo is a a blend of natural and synthetic fibres. It is a robust, washable upholstery fabric that has been expertly tumbled giving it a relaxed handle. Its heavily textured, thick appearance and dusted palette made it a simple choice that will fit into any scheme.

Flip sits on the floor behind your bed and is held in place by your bed. No need for attaching to the wall or clunky bed base attachments. The only question now is: which two colours do you want? 

Flip your look in no time