The benefits of working with a professional interior designer

For us at Dress My Nest, we're all about working with you to create the home of your dreams – whether that be a restored villa or an architectural new build. Creating timeless spaces that you love to live in. Creating a home that is interesting, feels comfortable, projects who you are. It's warm, it's inviting, it's yours.

Less Stress and More Time

While building and renovating there are so many decisions to be made on a daily basis. It gets overwhelming very quickly.  

Having a professional interior designer holding your hand throughout the process, means that decisions become easier. Vanessa filters options, clarify reasoning, ensure that your home is functional and feels just right.

This ensures the build stays on track, decisions are simplified, costly mistakes are avoided. Your home will feel cohesive, functional and really beautiful.

Access to experts and premium products

Got an idea of how you would like your home to look or feel but no idea on how to get there?

Through Dress My Nest's extensive networks, Vanessa often knows immediately where to source items you'll love and at prices not available to the public.

We love to surround ourselves with the best and working with Vanessa gives you access to a huge team of experts.

Champions of New Zealand designed and made

We really feel passionately about NZ made and designed. We feel a deep connection to the process that goes into creating designs. We love that many of our furniture makers are second generation, and they recognise that their furniture is going into NZ homes and will play a part in families creating their own memories for many years.

Specialists in sustainable design

NZ design is innately more sustainable  - knowing where things come from, reducing the freight required, knowing that the decisions made in each step of each design are made with local awareness. We also love the can-do attitude of NZ manufacturers and the ability to adapt as needed.  

This attitude gives us the ability to customise something so it’s absolutely perfect for the space it is going into whether that is through the fabric selected, the design or tweaking the details. As designers, we find this infinitely more satisfying and love giving our clients something completely unique every time.